We encourage alternatives to resolve conflicts in psychological and physical abuse, family breakdown, alcoholism, sexual abuse and abandonment, for children and adolescents – children and adolescents – deprived or at risk of losing their family environment and their families, as well as single or separated children and adolescents in a shelter situation.

We work in the construction of public policies of special protection that have an impact on the search for safe scenarios for the development of children and adolescents, thus favoring social inclusion, prevention and restitution of rights.

We have two services for this purpose:

  • Institutional Foster Care: We support the family in crisis situations, we have three institutional foster homes called Casa Familia, the children and adolescents live within the facilities of these homes where they find a family environment, with educators who have previous training; both children and families receive psychological, social and legal attention.Foster Care: We work with families who have decided to take in a child or adolescent in need of a foster home, in order to prevent the unnecessary institutionalization of children and adolescents and to guarantee their right to live in a family.