We stimulate alternatives to resolve conflicts in psychological and physical abuse, family breakdown, alcoholism, sexual abuse and neglect, for children and adolescents…………


We provide comprehensive protection services and restitution of rights for 300 unaccompanied and separated children and adolescents in a shelter situation in the city of Quito………………..


We have chosen to strengthen and create pedagogical and human tools that allow us to provide effective, efficient and quality comprehensive care to children, adolescents, young people, adults and communities on a daily basis. ……………


We are a proposal for cultural exchange, we respond to the need to receive volunteers in the areas of ASA, to visit the country, to collaborate in productive and social projects, to carry out studies, or to know the country from another perspective. ………..


The Solidarity and Action Association is a civil society organization that was born from the stimulus of social pastoral (human promotion) in 1992, a group of Italian volunteers with priests from the Diocese of Padua in Italy, from the ecclesiastical parishes “Mother of the Redeemer” of Carapungo, “Queen of the World” of Carcelén, “San Lucas Evangelista” of Carcelén Bajo, formed the association with the objective of improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable people of the urban-marginal neighborhoods of Carcelén Bajo, “Reina del Mundo” of Carcelén, “San Lucas Evangelista” of Carcelén Bajo, formed the association with the objective of improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable people in the urban-marginal neighborhoods of the northwest of Quito and Esmeraldas


We are a Christian-inspired association that promotes the integral development of children, adolescents, families and communities in vulnerable situations, providing alternative and innovative responses with a spirit of solidarity and participation, promoting prevention, restitution and enforceability of rights, with specialized technical and human resources and suitable infrastructure, under an effective, efficient and effective system.


ASA is a social organization consolidated humanly, technically and financially, which develops and implements a system of comprehensive protection services with individuals, families, communities and territories, with a flexible and innovative style; it ventures into new marginal urban territories of Quito in network and alliance to generate impact and incidence in social policy.

ASA will be recognized as a leading organization, a reference in the development and implementation of efficient and quality alternative protection modalities for children and adolescents, families and communities in vulnerable situations.


Person: We value each child, family, community, in all areas of our daily work. The serenity of our work is manifested when we give the best of ourselves to the people with whom we share tasks. This commitment of good moves us to support and comfort each other, to grow and transcend.

Responsibility: It guides us in our work and moves us to work well and to the maximum of our talents and resources. Being responsible encourages us to be coherent and consistent with our decisions and our actions. The sense of responsibility questions us and pushes us not to be indifferent to a complex reality that demands a complex response.

Territoriality: It is an option to value what we are, what we have and the space where we live. It is a task in which every contribution is a resource that we must put at the service of all. Territoriality is to assume the utopia of building the place we dream of for everyone.

Solidarity: It is to go out to meet the other, day by day, to feel with each person, to walk together to build the common good. We cannot be happy as long as inequity, injustice, individualism and selfishness structure and give meaning to daily relationships.

Commitment: That which energizes our actions is not fear, fame, interest or power, but passion for human beings and life. Dynamic passion that drives us to face the present with serenity and optimism; and to assume it as an opportunity, as a demand.

A pro-life response: Our goal is to contribute to the construction of a world in which we can all live fully. Our ethics is the search for good through honest and silent work.

 Sobriety: Enjoying doing without showing off, putting the heart and action in what is really important.